Release Notes for Code Composer Studio™ Theia v1.4.0

These release notes contain valuable information which may not be included in other product documentation. This information will assist you in the use of Code Composer Studio™ Theia.
The release notes are divided into five sections:



General Information. 1

System Requirements. 1

Device Support. 1

Operating System.. 1

Installation. 1

CCSTheia v1.4.0. 1

What’s New.. 1

Bug Fixes. 1

Known Issues. 1

General Information. 1

Component Versions. 1




General Information

CCS Theia is a new Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on Theia IDE framework. CCS Theia v1.4.0 uses a modified version of Theia-IDE. ( )

CCS Theia has a more limited set of features and limited set of devices. Each release will add support for new features and new devices.

For additional information and support, please go to:

System Requirements

Device Support

Please note that Code Composer Studio Theia v1.4.0 is recommended for production development with MSPM0, and MSP430 devices.  CCS Theia includes optional support for Wireless connectivity (not WiFi), Sitara, and mmWave devices. Evaluation support for C2000 devices is included.

Operating System

Please note that Code Composer Studio Theia is a 64bit application and thus will not run on 32bit operating systems.



Supported distributions include:

Code Composer Studio Theia will run on other distributions but those are the officially supported and tested distributions. For more details on installation instructions as well as debug probe and device support please see this article on Linux Host Support.


Versions Supported

Each Code Composer Studio Theia release is validated against a set of macOS releases. This release was validated with:

Debug Probe Support

Details of the macOS releases, debug probes and devices supported is available here.


Please note that use of anti-virus software or a firewall may cause issues during installation.
McAfee software in particular has been especially troublesome.
If possible, disable anti-virus and firewall software during installation.
If not, use of the Offline Installer is strongly recommended.

On Windows:

If you are using an Offline CCS Theia Installer, the zip file in which it is
distributed must first be extracted:

1. Right-click on and select "Extract All...".
2. Enter the directory where you wish to extract the files.
3. Click on Extract.

Once extraction has successfully completed, proceed with the installation steps below.

To install Code Composer Studio Theia:

1. Run ccs_theia_setup_1.x.x.xxxxx.exe.
2. Choose where you want to install.
3. Select the components you wish to install.

On OS X:

Please visit


The offline installer is now distributed as disk images (.dmg files)

1. Right-click on CCSTheia1.x.x.xxxxx_osx.dmg and select "Open”.  This will open the disk image and mount it.

To install Code Composer Studio Theia:

1. Run ccs_theia_setup_1.x.x.xxxxx by clicking on the application in the Finder
2. Choose where you want to install.
3. Select the components you wish to install.

On Linux:

Please visit

before installing CCS Theia on Linux. It contains important information on
installing CCS Theia on different Linux distributions, including CCS Theia dependencies that may need to be installed first.

Before installing CCS Theia, the tarball file in which the CCS Theia Installer is distributed must first be extracted:

untar CCSTheia1.x.x.xxxxx_linux-x64.tar.gz and extract all files.

e.g.  tar xfz CCSTheia1.x.x.xxxxx_linux-x64.tar.gz

Once extraction has successfully completed, proceed with the installation steps below.

Note: To facilitate the installation of emulation drivers, it is necessary to run part of the installation process as root.
You may if you wish install all of CCS Theia as root. However, it is preferred that you first install CCS Theia as a normal user and then install the drivers as root.

To install Code Composer Studio Theia as a normal user and emulation drivers as root:

1. Run as a normal user.
2. Choose where you want to install.
3. Select the components you wish to install.
4. Navigate to directory <Install-Folder>/ccs/install_scripts.
5. As root, execute script "".

To install all of Code Composer Studio Theia as root:

1. Run as root.
2. Choose where you want to install.
3. Select the components you wish to install.

CCSTheia v1.4.0 Changes

What’s New

·         V1.4.0 is an incremental update to the CCS Theia product with many new updates and improvements. The changes included:

o   Update to Theia v1.46 baseline

o   Improvements in trace support

o   Energy Trace ++ support for MSP430

o   System Project debug with OptiShare

o   Breakpoint view improvements

o   Register view improvements

o   Real time view updates

o   MSPM0 WIR support

o   ARM Core Trace

Bug Fixes      

·         XDS110 serial number could be corrupted on a split launchpad

·         Many build and project system related improvements.


Known Issues  

·         Trace decoding may take up to 20 seconds for large captures.

·         PC Hibernation affects CCS Theia inter-process communication with Resource Explorer opened. You may see a message “Error communicating with Cloud Agent “. Also, a notification panel in bottom right will be shown indicating that CCS Theia has gone offline. Please choose Restart option to restart CCS Theia and re-establish IPC communication.

General Information

·         New Theia-based IDE:

·         Compilers

o    TI CLANG 3.2.2 LTS, C2800 Compiler Tools v22.6.1 and MSP430 Compiler Tools v21.6.1.LTS compilers are bundled

·         Device Support

o    MSPM0: Recommended for production development.

o    MSP430:  Recommended for production development

o    Wireless connectivity (not WiFi): Optional

o    C2000: Evaluation, not recommended for production development.


Component Versions



ARM Clang Compiler Tools


BlackHawk Emulator Drivers


C2000 Device Support


C2000 Emulation Flash




C2800 Compiler Tools


C6000 Compiler Tools


CC26xx Device Support


CC3220 Device Support


CC323X Device Support


CC32xx Device Support


CC32xx Driver Support


Debug Server


Debug Server Flash


MSP430 Build Header Support


MSP430 Compiler Tools


MSP430 Debug Support


MSP430 Device Support


MSP430 GCC Build Header Support


MSP432 Debug Support


MSVC 2015+ Redistributable


Mmwave Radar Device Support






SEGGER J-Link USB Driver


Shared Device Support


Sys Config


TI Cloud Agent


TIREX Desktop




MSPM0 Support


Main CCS Theia Installer


Sitara Device Support


Sitara MCU Device Support


TI Emulators




MSPM0 Support




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