bq34z100_v2.02.00.31 Release Notes

Table of Contents

What’s New



The following Defects were resolved:

* [BMSFW-9238] Fix FCC Update issue resulting in huge SoC jump


The following Enhancements were resolved:

Previous Releases

bq34z100-R2 v2.02 build 29

* [BMSFW-8858] remcap_cWH calculation issue

bq34z100-R2 v2.01 build 27

* [BMSFW-8838] Fix Voltage Calibration Fail with bqStudio   

bq34z100-R2 v2.01 build 26

* [BMSFW-8568] Fix typo in default ChemID value
* [BMSFW-8292] Add test scripts for OCV Hyst feature
* [BMSFW-8292] Fix error in SOC after discharge check
* [BMSFW-8816] Open design energy in bq34z100-R2 bqz file

bq34z100-R2 v2.01 build 25

* [BMSFW-8287] Optimize smoothing for negative TrueRem
* [BMSFW-8291] Add Voltage-based smoothing feature
* [BMSFW-8292] Add OCV enable/disable option
* [BMSFW-8288] Add MaxDeltaV and DeltaVFilter
* [BMSFW-8302] Add delay to set 0RM when V < TermV
* [BMSFW-8286] Add charge term support for PbA
* [BMSFW-8285] Add LoadMode in RemainingTimeToEmpty
* [BMSFW-8282] Add Energy Scaling factor
* [BMSFW-8281] Add Current Scaling factor
* [BMSFW-8280] Add Voltage Scale factor
* [BMSFW-8233] Migrate FW build and release process to Docker environment
* [BMSFW-8342] Keep DoD0 at DoD_at_EOC if there is no REST before discharging starts
* [BMSFW-8438] Address unexpected OCV issue
* [BMSFW-8289] Update unit of Min Taper Capacity
* [BMSFW-8283] Address Fast Convergence Issues
* [BMSFW-8284] Use UWATT_PER_CENTIWATT in Erem calculation

bq34z100-G1 v0.19 build 22

* Update units of AvailableEnergy and AveragePower to 10mWhr and 10mW

bq34z100-G1 v0.18 build 21

* Fixed underflow issue in Calc_LoadVolatage()
* Exposed FullChargeCapacity_CWH as SBS Register

bq34z100-G1 v0.16 build 17

* Fixed VOK not being set for dod valid for qmax condition

bq34z100-G1 v0.16 build 16

* Qmax is not allowed to udpate after charge in relax mode for NiMH, it's updated only after discharge
  in relax mode
* Fixed Relax Smooth Ok option bug, remcap/fcc would be smooth in relax when RelaxSmoothOk is enabled
  along with somoothing
* Fixed changing temperature affecting SOH calculation
* Fixed terminate charge for NiMH immidiately for DELTA_V option once pack voltage > Qual Voltage and
   delta time/delta voltage are set to 0
* Increased the lower range of Cell Term Min Value DF parameter setting
* Add seperate DF paramter for NiMH/LeadAcid 1st Qmax uddate, default is set to 50%

bq34z100-G1 v0.15 build 15

* Added support for bq34z110/bq34z120 hardware

bq34z100-G1 v0.14 build 14

The changes are as per bq34z100-G1 specs, refer sepcs for details.
some of the notable changes are

* Added smoothing feature
* Added Lead Acid chemistry and NiMH chemistry support in addition to Lion
* Added RSOC hold in discharge feature
* Added support to switch between I2C to HDQ and vice versa communcation mode 
* Added command 0x10 to report instantaneous current(in addition to control cmd 0x0018)
* Added commands to report TrueRemCap, TrueFCC, Grid Number etc for diagnostic purpose
* Added bqStudio support
* updated NiMH charging algorithm
* Added SCALED bit in Operation Config register for Host
* Added charge compensation for NiMH 
* Lifetime pack voltage unit changed to 20mV from 1mV
* Repaired CapM=1 behaviour with negative remcap mode
* Removed direct register reading of Device Name, chemistry and Manufacturer Date
* Removed ISD feature
* Removed TDD feature
* Removed Fast Qmax Feature
* Removed StandBy current and supporting command feature
* Removed MaxLoadCurrent and MaxLoadTimeToEmpty
* Removed AtRate, AtRateTimeToEmpty, Time To Empty Constant Power and Load Select At Rate and some more commands, detail is in specs.


All releases have 3 segment versions, DEV number, Version number, and Build number. The DEV number is the base part, and remains same for all versions. The Version number change occurs for each new Rev. The Build number increments each time for a new release, and is counted separately in each individual DEV.

The TEST builds usually use “0” as the Version number, while the other two segments stick to the default rules.

Last updated: 2023-10-03