Manifest ID - SRAS00006373


(explanation of the fields in the Manifest Table below)

Software Name The name of the application or file
Version Version of the application or file
License Type Type of license(s) under which TI will be providing software to the licensee (e.g. BSD-3-Clause, GPL-2.0, TI Text File License, TI Commercial License). The license could be under Commercial terms or Open Source. See Open Source Reference License Disclaimer in the Disclaimers Section. Whenever possible, TI will use an SPDX Short Identifier for an Open Source License. TI Commercial license terms are not usually included in the manifest and are conveyed through a variety of means such as a clickwrap license upon install, a signed license agreement and so forth.
Location The directory name and path on the media or a specific file where the Software is located. Typically fully qualified path names are not used and instead the relevant top level directory of the application is given. A notation often used in the manifests is [as installed]/directory/*. Note that the asterisk implies that all files under that directory are licensed as the License Type field denotes. Any exceptions to this will generally be denoted as [as installed]/directory/* except as noted below which means as shown in subsequent rows of the manifest.
Delivered As This field will either be “Source”, “Binary” or “Source and Binary” and is the primary form the content of the Software is delivered in. If the Software is delivered in an archive format, this field applies to the contents of the archive. If the word Limited is used with Source, as in “Limited Source” or “Limited Source and Binary” then only portions of the Source for the application are provided.
Modified by TI This field will either be “Yes” or “No”. A “Yes” means TI has made changes to the Software. A “No” means TI has not made any changes. Note: This field is not applicable for Software “Obtained from” TI.
Obtained from This field specifies from where or from whom TI obtained the Software. It may be a URL to an Open Source site, a 3rd party licensor, or TI. See Links Disclaimer in the Disclaimers Section.


Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)

Any use of ECCNs listed in the Manifest is at the user’s risk and without recourse to TI. Your company, as the exporter of record, is responsible for determining the correct classification of any item at the time of export. Any export classification by TI of Software is for TI’s internal use only and shall not be construed as a representation or warranty regarding the proper export classification for such Software or whether an export license or other documentation is required for exporting such Software

Links in the Manifest

Any links appearing on this Manifest (for example in the “Obtained from” field) were verified at the time the Manifest was created. TI makes no guarantee that any listed links will remain active in the future.

Open Source License References

Your company is responsible for confirming the applicable license terms for any open source Software listed in this Manifest that was not “Obtained from” TI. Any open source license specified in this Manifest for Software that was not “Obtained from” TI is for TI’s internal use only and shall not be construed as a representation or warranty regarding the proper open source license terms for such Software.

Export Information

ECCN for Software included in this release:



DLP964 project has an Applications FPGA board supplied by Xilinx (VC707). The software written for the Applications FPGA will be provided to customers.

Software Name Version License Type Delivered As Modified by TI
DLPC964 Apps RTL 1.0 TI Commercial Source and Binary N/A Location C:\Texas Instruments-DLP\DLPC964-Apps\
Obtained from TI
Vivado Archived Project IDE (Xilinx) 2017.1 TI Commercial Limited Source Yes Location C:\Texas Instruments-DLP\DLPC964-Apps\build\project
Obtained from Xilinx
Vivado IP (Xilinx) N/A TI Commercial Limited Source No Location C:\Texas Instruments-DLP\DLPC964-Apps\design\source\ip
Obtained from Xilinx