CC33xx Linux Package Release Notes

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This CC33xx Linux Software Package delivers components that enable operation of the Texas Instruments CC33xx Wi-Fi and BLE family of wireless transceivers on Linux platforms.

This is version of the CC33xx Linux Software Package.


The purpose of this CC33xx Linux software package is to provide a prototype for customers to start evaluating the CC33xx device. This is not a fully productized release.

* Please note that the versioning scheme was changed and from now contains 4 parts. previous release was R1.3.2.

Release highlights

This is a release for TI’s CC33xx device supporting Wi-Fi 6 and BLE 5.3.

New features added:

  1. Support PG 2.0 devices
  2. Self PHY Calibration
  3. Improved RF performance
  4. WPA3 GCMP long keys - STA role
  5. Enterprise security - STA role - WPA2/WPA3, EAP-TLS, PEAPv0-MSCHAP and TTLS-MSCHAP.
  6. Multicast filtering
  7. Wi-Fi/BLE coex - Functional but not optimized
  8. Additional Power-Management capabilities
  9. INI configuration file support
  10. LSI (Long Sleep Interval) support
  11. Multi BLE Connections (up to 2)
  12. Power Management enabled while BLE is active

Supported features:




Operating Systems Support


The CC33xx Wi-Fi Linux driver and BLE were integrated and tested with the following:

Device Support


  1. When BLE is active the Host cannot sleep
  2. AP role supports up to 10 stations
  3. Using SPI as host interface is not recommended due to instability

Known Issues

ID Summary
OSPREY_LDB-1515 The software algorithms for Wi-Fi rate-selection still need optimization in heavily congested environments
OSPREY_LDB-1513 Device will not connect to an AP in ‘mixed mode’ security since WPA (TKIP) is not supported
OSPREY_LDB-1498 iw CLI tool reports incorrect TX rate
OSPREY_LDB-1045 Running before unloading the cc33xx driver causes a kernel warning
OSPREY_LDB-1011 Configuration of wlan interface by ‘systemd-networkd’ fails after unloading and reloading the cc33xx driver
OSPR_BLE_PHYFW-131 BLE RSSI readings might be invalid during a connection
BLE_OSPREY-119 BLE: Device might fail connecting to a peripheral peer when already connected to a central peer

Technical Support and Product Updates