CC33xx THICKMAC Package Release Notes

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This CC33xx MCU Software Package delivers components that enable engineers to develop applications for the Texas Instruments CC33xx Wi-Fi devices attached to an MCU.

This software toolkit provides the drivers for CC33xx devices to be used with a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) on a microcontroller.

This is version of the CC33xx MCU - ThickMAC Software Package.


The purpose of this CC33xx MCU software package is to provide a prototype for customers to start evaluating CC33xx. This is not a fully productized release.

*Please note that the versioning scheme was changed and from now contains 4 parts. previous release was R1.3

Release highlights


Installer Operating Systems Support


This release was validated with the following components:

Device Support

CC33xx ICs:


Known Issues

ID Summary
OSPREY_LDB-1477 SSID field in scan results is sometimes empty
OSPREY_LDB-1069 Using wlan_sta_role_down without wlan_disconnect in the network terminal example might cause example to get stuck
OSPREY_LDB-953 “-help” attribute for several commands in the network terminal example shows incorrect text
OSPREY_LDB-830 Using more than two “recv” commands in parallel in the network terminal example may return general error code
OSPREY_LDB-781 Static IP/GW/DNS configuration appears in wlan_connect help although not supported

Technical Support and Product Updates