CC33xx Linux Package Release Notes

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This CC33xx Linux Software Package delivers components that enable operation of the Texas Instruments CC33xx Wi-Fi and BLE family of wireless transceivers on Linux platforms.

This is version of the CC33xx Linux Software Package.

The version is a production quality release for 2.4Ghz devices

Previous release was

Release highlights

This is a release for TI’s CC33xx device supporting Wi-Fi 6 and BLE 5.4.

Resolved Issues

  1. OSPREY_LDB-1498 - “iw” Linux-shell tool reports incorrect TX rate
  2. BLE_OSPREY-178 - BLE: connection and pairing sometimes fails or takes very long with TI CC2652R1 peer
  3. OSPREY_LDB-1846 - BLE / WLAN provisioning demo fails on Processor SDK 9
  4. OSPREY_LDB-1828 - Calibrator: ANT_SEL resets on 5GHz calibration
  5. OSPREY_LDB-1733 - In some situations recovery fails
  6. OSPREY_LDB-1414 - Multirole AP/STA : Unable to start APUT in 11a high channels (above 100) when SUT is connected to 11a high channels

Supported features:




Operating Systems Support


The CC33xx Wi-Fi Linux driver and BLE were integrated and tested with the following:

Device Support


Known Issues

ID Summary
OSPREY_LDB-1880 TWT - Sometimes Wi-Fi throughput is lower than expected
OSPREY_LDB-1879 Antenna diversity - algorithm is not fully optimized
OSPREY_LDB-1878 Link adaptation algorithm is not fully optimized
OSPREY_LDB-1877 FW failure observed infrequently after long stability tests with Wi-Fi traffic
OSPREY_LDB-1837 [COEX]: In some cases Wi-Fi fails to connect in 5G during BLE data
OSPREY_LDB-1805 Channel switch - DUT sometimes send packet in old channel after last beacon from AP
OSPREY_LDB-1779 Suspend: Does not work with kernel 6.1 and BBB
OSPREY_LDB-1727 IOP-STA - CC33xx connected to Buffalo AP sometimes sends PS polls every beacon
OSPREY_LDB-1700 Driver does not support iw power_save
OSPREY_LDB-1690 Recovery process in Station role sometimes fails to re-connect to WPA3 AP
OSPREY_LDB-1688 Wi-Fi/BLE COEX: In some cases Wi-Fi scan fails to find AP during BLE data
OSPREY_LDB-1685 Multi-Role STA-STA: When both roles run UDP RX traffic, low throughput observed (on both)
OSPREY_LDB-1668 Wi-Fi/BLE COEX: Disconnection observed infrequently in stability test of Wi-Fi traffic with BLE activity
OSPREY_LDB-1641 Interoperability: Some Degradation on RX with Xiaomi AX1800 and TP-Link AX11001 APs
OSPREY_LDB-1638 Some beacon-loss observed when setting LSI to 9 and running UDP RX traffic
OSPREY_LDB-1615 Wi-Fi/BLE COEX: Instability observed in scenarios of Wi-Fi Multi-Role with BLE advertise
OSPREY_LDB-1580 Wi-Fi/BLE COEX: Wi-Fi RX throughput is degraded when BLE connection interval is 50ms
OSPREY_LDB-1579 Interoperability: TP-Link Archer C60 AP sends unexpected deauthentication to CC33xx while idle
OSPREY_LDB-1264 IOP STA: Low RX TP with some APs

Technical Support and Product Updates